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T&B Engineering distribute and maintain a wide variety of underground mining equipment. Our professional team can offer an extensive range of QDS equipment and mining equipment for surface and underground mines Australia wide. Whether it is open cut or underground, they pride themselves on being a trusted partner to both large and small mining operators.

With a focus on efficiency, safety and superior outcomes, T&B can deliver solutions for challenges of any size. You can be assured all products are built fit for purpose, with all site compliance documentation supplied

Our service team is on standby in QLD & NSW to ensure any problems or situations that may arise on site can be dealt with promptly and cost effectively.

If the QDS or equipment you’re looking for isn’t shown below, please contact us about your specific requirements – no job is too big, too small or not possible.

  • Hydraulic Cable Puller

    Suitable for all cable retrievals
    No more manually pulling cables!
  • Slewable QDS HT Cable Reeler

    Custom Built Slewing HT Cable Reeler with winch & large assist roller for all your larger cable install & retrieval requirements
  • QDS Water Pod

    Hydraulically driven 3200 Litre water pod
  • QDS Man Baskets

    Man Baskets supplied as single or double. E-Stops and handrails fitted as standard. Man Baskets supplied as per AS: 1657 and AS: 1418.10.
  • QDS Bucket

    Standard and ejector buckets available.
  • QDS Cable Boat

    Available with fold down walkways on either side.
  • QDS Can Grabber

    Suitable for multiple can sizes.
  • QDS Cassette Carriers

    Designed to carry 2 - 3 loaded bolt cassette pods.
  • QDS Concrete Kibble

    Capacity of these pods can be up to 3 cubic meters with a hydraulic operated front door.
  • QDS Dozer Blade

    Hydraulic or fixed blade versions available.
  • QDS Flinger Duster

    Designed for roadway dusting.
  • QDS Forks

    Forks available from 7t – 10t with hydraulic or standard.
  • QDS Jibs

    Jibs are available as various sizes and capabilities, eg: Hydraulic & Slew options
  • QDS Pan Picker

    Designed for ease of Pan Line Transport. WLL 8.5T
  • QDS Bolt & Consumables Pod

    Storage of all consumable required for face operations.
  • QDS Tradesmen Pod

    Various designs available.
  • QDS Cribroom Pod

    Built in cupboards and storage areas, 12-person seating, with cork and white board attached.
  • QDS Diesel Pod

    Transportable diesel pod
  • QDS Duckbill Pod

    Designed to carry and store material up to 5T in weight.
  • QDS Trickle Duster 1t

    Allows continuous trickle dusting for up to 24hrs
  • QDS Emergency Pod

    Storage of emergency equipment
  • QDS Fire Station Pod

    Storage of fire & emergency equipment.
  • QDS General Purpose Pod

    Designed to carry and store material up to 5T in weight.
  • QDS Roller Storage Pod

    Belt roller pod with lift out compartment which enables interchangeable inserts.
  • QDS Service Pod

    Suitable for 1T emulsion pods.
  • QDS Side Shift Bucket

    Designed to suit those areas a full size bucket can't reach
  • QDS Structure Pod

    Designed for all sizes of structure and stringers. Removable insert to allow for ease of loading structure on the surface.
  • QDS Tradesman Pod

    Designed as required.
  • QDS Mesh Pod

    Available for stand up or lay down mesh sheets.
  • Roadway Dust Suppression Pod

    Gravity fed water dust suppression pod, inter-changeable heads to suit your needs
  • QDS Racker System

    Slew design with extendable dolly for all loading and unloading of Bolt Cassette Pods on and off Continuous Miners.
  • Man Transporter Cabs

    Front & Rear Man Transporter Cabs
  • QDS Racker System

    Rotating design with extendable dolly for all loading and unloading of Bolt Cassette Pods on and off Continuous Miners.
  • QDS Racker System

    Fixed design (Hydraulic Cylinders) for all loading and unloading of Bolt Cassette Pods on and off Continuous Miners.
  • QDS Cable Reeler

    Designed to enable the operators to self-load all reels by lowering hydraulic arms under the spindle drives attached to all 1500mm reels.
  • QDS Hose Reeler

    Reelers both single and dual have the practicality of being used for both air and water for use in underground panels.
  • QDS Road Leveller

    Ability to rotate either direction, supplied with adjustable hydraulic rippers. A must for roadway maintenance.
  • QDS Salter

    1T Capacity, dust control of all roadways.
  • QDS Swilly Tank

    Hydraulic driven, holds 4000L, self-priming pump, ability to pump contents in and out of the tank.
  • QDS Staging Tank

    General purpose tanks, built to specifications required.
  • QDS Staging Tank

    General purpose tanks, built to specifications required.
  • QDS Tow Hitch

    20T tow hitch capacity, suited for various underground trailers.
  • QDS Trencher Unit

    QDS Trencher Unit has been designed to suit most underground conditions. Trenching ability up to 600mm deep.
  • QDS Winch 10T

    Hydraulic winch with current capacity of 10T.
  • Auger Drill Bit

    Available to suit all QDS Auger Types
  • Mesh Basket

    Available in all sizes and designs.
  • Mesh Basket Stackable

    Available in various sizes and designs, perfect for Longwall moves.
  • Belt Clipping Table

    Designed for loop take up areas.
  • Belt A-Frames

    Built to suit all belt sizes and applications.
  • Belt Spindles

    Spindles for hanging belt extensions.
  • Cable Arm Bracket

    Various designs available, made to suit all applications.
  • Cable Reels – HT Cable

    Reels designed to suit up to 2400mm.
  • Cable Reels – Small

    Cable or water & air reels 1250 - 1500mm.
  • Cable Reel – Storage Racks

    Designed to store up to 1500mm cable reels x 6.
  • Can Pallets

    Designed to carry up to 915mm cans (heavy duty).
  • Fork Extensions

    Designed to suit requirements.
  • Monorail Bolting Platform

    Scissor lift operation available. Ability to bolt out complete roadways prior to Longwall advance.
  • Monorail Bolting Platform & Carriage

    Complete assembly attached.
  • Bolt Cassette Pods

    Made to suit all Continuous Miners also designed for QDS Racker systems.
  • Sign Barriers

    Designed with fold out wings for sign placement.
    Current use for Transformer and Pump Station sites.
  • Emergency Response Trailer

    Surface operation and storage of equipment.
  • General Purpose Trailer

    Available as single or dual axle options. Braked & Non-Braked options, Designed and suited to customer requirements.
  • Pipe Trailer Hydraulic

    Pipe Trailers available to suit all applications. Braked trailers are also available for supply.
  • Water Trailer / Cart

    Designed to control dust on surface lay down and underground roadways.
  • QDS Grout Pod

    Designed and suited to carry everything you need
  • Sump Template

    Sump Template Various Sizes Available
  • Underground Loader Frames

    Overhaul of Loader Frames